I initially studied architecture but got into web design when the web started to take off. Since then I've been working mainly as a front-end developer in web, Flash and iOS. I've always been interested in the intersection of design and programming. Fireworks was initially my tool of choice for web design, which I made a few extensions for. I was so active in the Fireworks forums that Adobe asked me to become a MVP. In 2014 I made the switch to Sketch. I used Sketch to design a trip planning web and mobile app. At the time I needed to present my product idea. I wasn't satisfied with the tools that were out there so I created my own prototyping system which consisted of a Sketch plugin and some jQuery code. I released a basic clickable prototype plugin in 2017 and now I'm developing it further with Protowire.

Last year I attended the Sketch Hackathon in Berlin. I worked on a plugin with a designer from London. We won the hackathon with our effort. At some stage I plan on re-writing it and releasing it.